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App Trouble? 🤷‍♀️

We have gathered some tips & tricks for the most common app issues our support team encounters daily!

What to do..

..when you can’t mark a pickup/dropoff completed

  1. Stay within a 150 meter radius from the location.

  2. Swipe the task completed in your app. Note that it may take a bit of time to be confirmed.

  3. If it did not work out the first time, restart the app and try swiping again.

  4. If none of this helps, reach out to Support in the app.

..when your app is not working properly

  1. The first thing you should do is restart the app - usually that fixes most of the problems.

  2. If you’re still having GPS issues:

a. With an Android device:

  1. Make sure the app is allowed to always use the location service.

  2. Make sure the battery saving mode is off.

  3. If that does not help, increase GPS accuracy by opening the Settings app, tapping on Location, switching location on at the top, tapping Mode and then High accuracy.

b. With an Apple device:

  1. In app options, location needs to be set to “Always”.

  2. In app options, background app refresh needs to be on.

  3. WiFi needs to be turned on, even if you are using mobile data.

  4. Do not use battery saving mode or apps.

If that does not help, restart your phone, uninstall the app completely and install it again. Only reach out to Support if none of the above helped and the app is still not functioning.

..when you can’t go online

  1. Make sure you are in the hotspot and you have a shift starting.

  2. Restart the app and try to swipe online again.

  3. Note that if you had to be set offline by Support on your last shift, you must let Support know at least 30 minutes in advance that you need to be set online manually again.


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