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Holiday Festivities in Israel 🇮🇱

Did you know that we are also operating in Israel? Not only are we operating there, we also have colleagues from Israel working in our HQ in Berlin, and Daria told us about holiday festivities in her home country. 🌟

Hanukkah is the most important holiday in Israel, as Christmas is not celebrated in the Jewish calendar. It is a celebration for the winning of the Maccabees over the forces of King Antiochus and the miracle of the oil lighting the new temple, which lasted for 8 days.

That is why Hanukkah is also celebrated for 8 days. People still have to go to work and to school too, though. On the 1st days in the evening people light the 1st candle on the menorah (resembles how it looked like in the temple) and light up a new additional candle each day so on the last day the menorah is lighted with all 8 candles. In addition, people eat oily foods such as sufganiyot (which look a lot like Berliner Pfannkuchen) stuffed with jam and other crèmes and play with sevivon (dreidel), and of course the religious people go to the synagogue and say specific prayers.

Since living in Berlin now, Daria loves the festive feeling Christmas has here. During the holiday, the city is quiet and almost empty. She has some time with her loved ones and to recharge.

Daria enjoys going to Christmas markets. There are so many of them and each is different with a special theme, big or small, offer different foods, attractions and things to buy and of course she absolutely LOVES drinking Glühwein while she is there to keep her warm and fuzzy inside. 💫

Do you have any particular games you play on special holidays? 🎲

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