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Christmas in Argentina 🇦🇷

We are still not done with introducing the holiday traditions of our colleagues! Today, the stage is Federico's, our colleague from Frankfurt, who told us about Christmas in his home country Argentinia.

In Argentina, the Christmas season begins a few weeks before Christmas day, when all movies of “Home Alone” are shown on TV. During this time, the warm weather arrives, the school year ends, the shopping malls explode with people buying presents last minute and families try to finish organizing their holidays.

Christmas begins by celebrating the night of the 24th with family, gathered around a big table with a lot of traditional home cooked meals:

  • Vitel Toné as starter, a dish made with beef and served with a sauce of tuna, oil, mustard, anchovies and capers added on top.

  • Lechón or pig, is also famous during these times. It is prepared days before and eaten at room temperature, accompanied by cold salads.

  • For dessert, it is common to eat Turrón, an almond specialty with sugar.

After dinner, it is usually time to open presents from your secret Santa, a game where each guest is randomly assigned someone to whom they have to give a gift.

After dinner is the beginning of Christmas festivities in Argentina. The real celebration starts, surrounded by friends. Bars and clubs open, open-air events are held, and summer vibes are in every song, finishing the day by dancing until dawn. 💃🏻🕺🏼

Do you celebrate Christmas or other holidays in a chilled, cozy atmosphere, or do you party with friends as well? 🪩

The competition will take place daily from 01.12.2022 to 24.12.2022 on the Wolt Kurier blog ( You can comment daily under the current blog post to participate in the sweepstakes. Details about the competition can be found here. The competition is open to anyone over the age of 18 who lives in Germany. Excluded are persons who have not completed a delivery as Wolt courier in the last three months. The Advent raffle and the winnings granted therefrom represent a voluntary benefit of the employer. A corresponding claim does not arise for the future from the implementation of the raffle. We reserve the right to decide each year whether to hold an Advent raffle and which prizes to offer. This also applies if we hold the raffle repeatedly.


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Unknown member
Dec 24, 2022


We celebrate with friends and family.


Unknown member
Dec 23, 2022

☃️party 🥳


In our case, it is almost always with family and close friends


Unknown member
Dec 22, 2022

at first cozzy atmosphere with the family and after midnight partying with the friends!

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