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Advents Calendar Door 16 🧤

Gift Wrapping

Christmas is coming closer, and we want to just put out some alternatives to the traditional Christmas wrapping paper to avoid waste and be a bit more environment friendlier (and more cost-efficient!).

We all know that waste is a huge issue for the planet, and even though colorful wrapping paper is very pretty - we can do better with more sustainable alternatives:

  • Biodegradable paper: If you want to get some paper - check if it is biodegradable and can actually be recycled (most laminated papers unfortunately can not). Simple craft paper can be a great alternative, too, and decorated with stamps and drawings, too.

  • Reuse old packaging: We all laughed at our grandparents keeping that old wrapping paper after carefully unpacking their gifts? OK, maybe it's just me? But it is actually one of the easiest ways to give wrapping paper a second life. Alternatively, maybe you just ordered something recently that had nice packing? Now it's time to make use of your hoarding problem.

  • Magazines/Newspaper: Same here, you can reuse some old paper products easily like this, and you will have already an interesting pattern on your wrapping, too!

  • Boxes: You don't want to just reuse old boxes from your latest delivery? Then consider getting a nicer paper box, that the gift receiver can easily reuse for their home to store things afterwards.

  • Fabric Wrapping: When we are talking about reusing afterwards, let us now forget fabric! It's a whole thing in Japan called "furoshiki". Just google it, and you will find many cute ways to wrap your next gift.

  • Decoration: Don't forget the ribbons and decoration on your gift! Consider using twine or other natural elements like dried citrus fruit or twigs to give it that extra special Christmas something, and avoid additional plastic.

Special Tip: Did you notice that the Wolt bags have that very cute food pattern? With a few cuts, you will have nice wrapping paper, that you can also color! 💙

Did you already get all your gifts for this year, and do you wrap them yourself? Feel free to also share your tips for a more sustainable gift wrapping!

The competition will take place daily from 01.12.2022 to 24.12.2022 on the Wolt Kurier blog ( You can comment daily under the current blog post to participate in the sweepstakes. Details about the competition can be found here. The competition is open to anyone over the age of 18 who lives in Germany. Excluded are persons who have not completed a delivery as Wolt courier in the last three months. The Advent raffle and the winnings granted therefrom represent a voluntary benefit of the employer. A corresponding claim does not arise for the future from the implementation of the raffle. We reserve the right to decide each year whether to hold an Advent raffle and which prizes to offer. This also applies if we hold the raffle repeatedly.


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