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Advent Calendar Door 20 📦

Fun Facts about Christmas 💡

Today, I gathered some interesting facts about the Christmas-time, that you can brag about during the holidays. 🤓

📫 Around 415 million parcels are expected to be delivered to private households in Germany during the Christmas season in 2022. According to estimates by the German Parcel and Express Logistics Association, the vans will transport a total of around 750 million parcels during this period.

🎶 The Christmas carol "Silent Night, Holy Night" dates back to 1816 by the then assistant pastor Joseph Mohr and has been translated into over 300 languages and dialects from all over the world.

🍽 Stollen, mulled wine, roasted goose with red cabbage and potato dumplings. All mixed up and too much of everything can lead to unpleasant side effects. Ginger water can help against the feeling of fullness because it stimulates digestion. Simply slice five centimeters of ginger root, pour a liter of boiling water over it and let it steep for 20 minutes.

🍫 In 2019, German confectionery manufacturers produced 151 million chocolate Santas. This is roughly equivalent to the population of Bangladesh - the country with the eighth-largest population in the world (165 million inhabitants, as of 2017).

🎄 The largest Christmas tree ever placed in one location was a 67.36m fir tree, festively decorated at Seattle's Northgate Shopping Center.

Do you know more interesting fun facts about the holiday season? 🎅🏼

The competition will take place daily from 01.12.2022 to 24.12.2022 on the Wolt Kurier blog ( You can comment daily under the current blog post to participate in the sweepstakes. Details about the competition can be found here. The competition is open to anyone over the age of 18 who lives in Germany. Excluded are persons who have not completed a delivery as Wolt courier in the last three months. The Advent raffle and the winnings granted therefrom represent a voluntary benefit of the employer. A corresponding claim does not arise for the future from the implementation of the raffle. We reserve the right to decide each year whether to hold an Advent raffle and which prizes to offer. This also applies if we hold the raffle repeatedly.


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