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Beat the heat 💦

Summer is almost here, and we want to share some precautions with you to help you prevent dehydration and a heatstroke.

What is a heatstroke? 🥵

A heat stroke is the most severe form of heat illness. It usually occurs on very hot or humid days. First signs of a heatstroke are dizziness, a headache, possible cramps and a significant increased body temperature. If you feel like you are getting a heatstroke, reach out to our live support, if you can. Look out for a place to rest in the shade, drink water and cool down your body with e.g. wet cloths.

Keep Hydrated 🥤

The most important thing while working during summer heat is to maintain hydrated. Please make sure to bring plenty of water to your shift. This also applies if you are delivering via car.

You can also check Refill to find shops and public fountains where you can stop for water around your city!

Tip: Add electrolyte tablets or energy powder to your water to replace those essential salts and other nutrients that you loose while sweating.

Wear Sunscreen 🧴☀️

Not wearing sunscreen can risk skin cancer. Put on high factor sunscreen especially on your face, arms, legs and the back of your neck. It is best to also bring sunscreen with you so you can put on another layer throughout the shift.

Dress Appropriately 🧢

You can easily avoid thick layers, and only wear a T-shirt underneath our summer vests. Please reach out to your local office or support, if you haven’t got one yet. Furthermore, wear sunglasses to stop dust, bugs and flies to fly into your eyes. Also, wearing a helmet will not only protect you from traffic injuries, but also from the sun.

And when you finished your shift 🚿 ...

Make sure to drink and eat enough when you get home. Tip: Prepare a drink before your shift and put it in the fridge, so you have a refreshing cold drink once you get home. A cold bath or shower will also help you cool off.


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