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Avoiding conflicts 👼🏼

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

As a courier, you are in contact with a lot of different people. Even if you do your best, mistakes can happen and conflicts can occur. We set up the following guideline to help you when you encounter a conflict with a restaurant partner or customer.

💙 Be emphatic. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Echo the source of their frustration and show that you understand their position and situation.

❌ Avoid negative words. Please try to avoid phrases like: That’s not our/my responsibility, You’re wrong/you do not understand, There is nothing I can do.

✅ Instead, say things positively! Using phrases like: I completely understand how you feel/I totally get your frustration, or please allow me to explain, will help you to calm the other person down.

🙏 Apologize. If we make a mistake, we’ll take the responsibility for it. Admitting a mistake builds trust with the customer or restaurant partner and will make them less angry.

🙌 Don’t take it personally. It might happen that you encounter a conflict for a reason that is not your fault at all. Stay calm, do not argue, think about the above-mentioned tips and contact our support in case you need help to deescalate the situation.


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